giant panda

Need some joy? Giant pandas sliding starfish-style in the snow in a video released by the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on Sunday will likely do the trick.
The giant pandas at the National Zoo know how to make the most of a snow day — head first and belly up.
The panda was captured by infrared cameras crossing a forest.
A girl fell into a Giant panda enclosure at a research facility in China. After trying to get her out with a stick, a security guard managed to pull her out by her hand. Luckily, the pandas didn’t seem too interested and the girl escaped unharmed.
News from WWF has shown that when humans aren’t busy destroying the planet through climate change, we can actually achieve
Giant pandas are the poster animals for many conservation efforts that no one wants to see disappear from our planet but it seems that while the pandas are fighting extinction on one side, humans are making it harder for them to survive on the other.
Tian Tian, the female giant panda at Edinburgh Zoo 'could go into labour at any time over the next two weeks', zookeepers
Zookeepers in Taiwan's zoo introduced a month-old baby panda cub to her mother. It looked like it might all go horribly wrong
A giant panda is given a birthday cake at San Diego Zoo. Yun Zi happily tucked into the dessert made of apple, sweet potato