For the reluctant millennials among us, even more bad news hit us this week; up to a third of our unfortunate, shat-upon
With Annihilation week upon us my gut tells me we'll be waving goodbye to Andy pretty soon, particularly if the vote remains
Now Georgina has been given the heave-ho, I expect Jackson to snap out of it fairly soon. I wouldn't even be surprised if that tattoo slowly begins to resemble Evelyn and the movie gets re-cast...
There are housemates from hell, and then there is this woman - who was caught by hidden cameras spitting in her roommates
Is it fair that men still have to abide by the age-old practice of demonstrating their commitment, and self-worth, through picking up the bill on a first date? Surely this dated etiquette is just sexism of the highest order.
You think you've finally found the perfect place; you've dazzled them with your charm, wit and perfect blend of 'I'm serious and clean, but obviously totally easy-going and fun' and then, BANG, you get the news: 'Thank you very much for your interest in the room but we've decided to go with someone else'. Brutal.
It's time to start deciding who you're going to live with next year. Yes, it's ages away and you may still not be sure whether
Living in a shared house with 6 people, I face an identical fate that many a fellow Londoner faces at 7pm. They, like me, remove themselves from the politics of work into an entirely new playing field of mixed characters and upbringings, making both our values somewhat lopsided.
After you’ve finished not doing the washing up, could you come in late again and leave the back door open? Cheers. Living
The Australians have it right - they don't use the term flatshare, they call them 'sharehouses'. This puts the sharing element before the property, just as it should be.