Lightning strike

The second time I was struck set in motion my long recovery from PTSD, depression, anxiety, toe amputations, twelve surgeries on my jaw and learning to walk, talk and read again
This is the moment that a Delta Air Lines plane was struck by a powerful lightning bolt whilst on a runway in Atlanta. The
Gautier Police Officer Mark Rodriguez might be one of the luckiest people alive. Just days ago the police officer had the
Authorities say 11 members of a remote indigenous tribe along Colombia's Caribbean coast were killed when a lightning bolt
This incredible photo shows the moment a plane was struck by lightning while flying through a rainbow. It's hard to imagine
Take it from us, foreign pals: the words that are uttered from this chap's mouth are a fairly typical British reaction when
Dubrovnik was besieged by a thunderstorm earlier this month, with photographer and storm chaser Daniel Pavlinovic capturing
Besides humans, nature is clearly one of the most powerful forces on Earth and there's little that's more deadly in its arsenal
"Ladies and gentlemen, you may have noticed we were hit by lightning," said the captain of a Boeing 737 after it safely touched
South Korea’s hot, humid summers always bring their fair share of thunderstorms. This cameraman got a close-up view as a