Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University has confirmed 127 positive cases of Covid-19.
Move follows growing criticism from Corybn supporters.
Labour students have decided to “no platform” the leader of Manchester City Council after they discovered he had received
I recently came across a recording of Christabel Pankhurst speaking, thanks to the researchers' blog, published by Manchester
Technological innovation in healthcare rehabilitation could hold the key to transforming the lives of thousands of stroke survivors by helping them to get back on their feet. By using wearable 'haptic bracelet' devices, we're aiming to cultivate an innovative method to improve the walking of people after stroke.
It's no surprise that students who are estranged are at a greater disadvantage then those with supportive families. All in all, I want my society to help make the lives of estranged students at MMU a little easier, and make the MMU community a more estrangement-friendly place. And if I can manage that, then I'll be happy.
So Manchester Metropolitan University has made a film to put students off having house parties. Other great uses of money
King's College London students have the highest risk of being victims of violent crime, burglary or robbery, while their
A find described as “extremely rare” and “bizarre” has been uncovered in Cambridgeshire – an Anglo-Saxon woman buried with
It was very apt to find myself in the same week that Munch's The Scream was making headlines, at the opening of a very special exhibition in Manchester - celebrating exactly the transformative power of art and creativity.