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It's time the Government took action to guarantee safe spaces for vulnerable new mothers
My Caesarean was an emergency so I'm assuming maybe not every C-Section has the volume of people in the room as I experienced. To be honest I had no idea how many there were, but my partner said it must have been close to 15 people. That's pretty crowded for a relatively small operating theatre.
Willoughby reminisced about the births of her three children.
Holly Willoughby reminisced about giving birth while speaking to women in labour at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. The ‘This
British mums are sent home from hospital after childbirth more quickly than in any other developed country, new research
Thousands of expectant mothers are being turned away from maternity wards due to staff shortages and a lack of available
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A maternity ward at the centre of a police investigation over a "number" of baby deaths could be forced