From the hopeful undertones of 2014, foreign liberal media outlets have now shifted to severely criticising Modi's policies.
It was at my aunt's home in Paris that I woke up to the news that Hillary Clinton had failed to smash the hardest of all
Narendra Modi is coming to the UK for the first time as Indian Prime Minister, just two weeks after President Xi Jinping
Last week I was in India on the historic day that Mr. Narendra Modi took oath as the new prime minister of the country during
There is a dramatic change emerging in South Asia as Narendra Modi takes over the reigns of power in India. Sixty seven years
Until recently, Narendra Modi, India's Prime Ministerial hopeful for the 2014 elections, was a hate figure for many of us. By 'us', I refer to a small but highly visible minority of well educated, somewhat Westernised and haughtily self-righteous members of India's rapidly growing liberal elite.