Royal Holloway, University of London

'Life isn't always plain sailing. It's how you respond that defines who you are.'
Being young and pregnant does not automatically mean that you have failed and should pack it all in. If you have decided to study, and you still want to do it, then go and do it!
Memento Park just outside Budapest is a bizarre wonderland. It's where the Hungarians deposited all its unwanted Communist
Edwin Landseer was an English painter who died in 1873. So why is one of his paintings, depicting a doomed Arctic expedition
If Royal Holloway's management want true partnership between students and staff, emphasis on recycling, and changing environmental attitudes, then maybe working with students to solve the problem of sustainability might be the way to go, rather than shifting the problem elsewhere.
The band having a good ol' jam What’s your most memorable musical moment? When we were complimented on our dynamics. What’s
It has long been understood that the quality of a school and the quality of a home life can both have huge affects on child