Sierra Leone

Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor has been found guilty of war crimes after a five year trial. Taylor, 64, described
Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor will likely be imprisoned in the UK if international judges find him guilty of war
Friday marks the 51st year of Sierra Leone's independence from British rule, a day when Sierra Leoneans get together and party hard.
Being asked to do a challenge for Sport Relief is like being asked to be the god parent to an ugly baby. Despite knowing you will forever have a picture of an ugly baby hanging on your wall in case your godchild's parents come to your house, it is very difficult to say no. How hard can it be anyway? You just smile by the font at the church at the christening, buy the child something silver and post a card once a year with an increasing amount of money in it. As for the picture, you just hang it in the room in your house you visit the least, although from experience hanging it in the shed always causes upset...
If our President is to be believed, then Sierra Leone is booming. Supported by Tony Blair and international lobbyists, he has taken this message around the world. But good PR is no substitute for the truth. When Colonel Gaddafi gifted honorary membership of the Sierra Leonean parliament, there is so clearly much that is rotten.
“On a strict reading of the law,” Simon Mann admits, weighing up the rights and wrongs of staging a coups d'état, “we were
A child born in Africa today will be eligible to vote by 2030. I hope, with the spread of stability and democracy, that they will be able to exercise that right. And I believe, with appropriate support externally, and enough political will internally, they will vote for a government which sets its own agenda, and delivers it from its own resources.