Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has inadvertently declared its hatred of the Ivory Coast, after printing the Irish flag
The infamous Westboro Baptist Church have been sent some rainbow shoelaces, which are on their way over the ocean from the
An crowd-funded project is sticking the proverbial middle one at the hate-filled Westboro Baptist Church (WSC) by planting
Professional hate-mongers the Westboro Baptist Church have released a bile-laden version of a Panic! At The Disco song ahead
If the Westboro Baptist Church and their like are to be believed, the US should be a theocracy with gays stoned to death
The death of their ex-leader, Fred Phelps, hasn't stopped the Westboro Baptist Church from trying to spread their hateful
The way I see it is that anybody celebrating at Fred Phelps' funeral falls into two camps: Either you are celebrating as a way of re-affirming your own moral compass, celebrating the death of the yin to your yang; or you're gleefully partying in the face of deranged lunatics in mourning who are trapped in a cult.
Fred Phelps, the former leader of the hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church has died, it was announced on Thursday. His
One less abuser and hater in the world is not something I am sorry to hear. My sorrow in the life and death of Fred Phelps is reserved for the victims of his abuse who never got closure, never saw justice, and have to overcome religious indoctrination. Because those scares can last a lifetime.
Fred Phelps, the ex-leader of the despicable hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church, is on the "edge of death". His son, who