An investigation into what caused a group of whales to die in a mass stranding on the Fife coast is to continue on Monday
Seventeen whales have died in a mass stranding off the coast of Fife. The mammals were part of a group of 26 pilot whales
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For nearly three weeks in October 1988, the world looked on in feverish excitement as hundreds of people converged upon tiny Barrow, Alaska, one of the most isolated and northernmost villages in the world. To this day, the whale rescue of 1988 remains one of the most intensely covered news events of all time and perhaps the world's greatest show on ice.
Source: Barcroft Media These devastating images show what happened when a slumbering whale strayed into the path of a busy
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A mass stranding of pilot whales on a New Zealand beach on 23 January has led to the death 36 of the mammals. Forty more
Introducing quotas for catching whales that could be bought and sold could reduce the number of the marine mammals killed
Police will take no further action against a youth who advertised the teeth and jaw of a dead whale for sale on Facebook
Archaeologists were baffled when they discovered 75 fossilised whales in a desert in Chile. Pictures of the 2010 find, recently