World Food Programme

The UN organisation fights to combat hunger and improve conditions for peace during conflict. Donald Trump had also been nominated.
The side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are pushing hungry communities around the world over the edge.
Human vaccine trials are set to start in the UK as the government allocated over £40 million in funding towards vaccine research and testing. Captain Tom Moore received a standing ovation, as he joined via video to open a new Nightingale Hospital in Harrogate. In the US, Donald Trump is moving forward with a 60 day pause on immigration in what he says is an effort to help unemployed Americans. The UN World Food Programme executive director David Beasley warns the world is "on the brink of a hunger pandemic of biblical proportions.” And in South Africa, when travel restrictions blocked international workers from travelling to The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo province, hundreds of local volunteers stepped up to care for the young rhinos before they are returned to the wild.
Two weeks ago I was in Cox’s Bazar, a thriving coastal city on the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. Named after a British trader
One of the men has reportedly been suspended, while the other remains in his post.
Any organisation that has seen more than 650 of its workers killed or injured on duty in 15 years would need to think hard about how it keeps staff motivated and productive, and how it attracts new talent to replace staff who leave.
Politics have eclipsed a growing humanitarian issue: Yemen's food crisis. Over half of Yemenis don't have enough to eat. That's 10.6 million people.
He may be one of the biggest names in world football, but it was the names of the 50 people mysteriously tattooed to Zlatan
Global poverty experts have expressed their shock and anger at the "outrageous" campaign to get Britain to drop its international
What does it mean at the village level when researchers, business, UN agencies, civil society and other sectors collaborate to reduce micronutrient deficiency? It means fewer children falling sick. Fewer adults too fatigued to work. Fewer mothers dying in childbirth.