Top Ten Best Childrens' Christmas Books

First Posted: 28/11/2011 14:22 GMT Updated: 28/01/2012 10:12 GMT

Every Christmas morning, thousands of children across the land sit among piles of wrapping paper glowing with pleasure at their latest bike, video game or trendy toy.

And invariably, sat in a sad, forgotten pile somewhere near the tree, are the boring new books.

But we all know that while the other presents will be out-grown, forgotten or slip embarrassingly out of fashion, the best books will last forever, symbols of seasonal cheer that stay with with us long into adulthood.

And so to celebrate the staying power of the Christmas book, we've compiled our top ten titles of all time. Enjoy curling up with some of these Christmas classics - long after the Xia-Xia crabs have been put away...

10. Horrible Christmas - Terry Deary and Martin Brown
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The Horrible Histories series has been introducing children to historical eras since 1993, focusing on the kind of gruesome details little boys in particular adore. Here, authors Terry Deary and Martin Brown do the same with Christmas, using illustrations to bring unusual Christmas customs, awful Chrismas food and unpleasant Christmas day occurrences to life, whilst surreptitiously educating us on how and why Christmas came to be.