Unknown Books That Readers Think Deserve Way More Attention
“Welcome to the 'Bad Ass Women Memoir Club',” Jada wrote in a cheeky note to the fellow first-time author.
The novel takes place in Siberia and centres on the story of a Russian family that hid in the Siberian wilderness for half a century to resist the Soviet government.
We speak exclusively to Florence Bark, the author of a new erotic audiobook aimed at celebrating women’s sexuality.
The author of 'Are You With Me?' said Eric Richins died unexpectedly after drinking a cocktail she made. Authorities now believe he was poisoned.
The best-selling Bridgerton novelist worked with Shonda Rhimes to turn a TV script into a book about Queen Charlotte.
For members of the LGBTQ+ community, bookshops are extra special.
Maggie Smith's book "You Could Make This Place Beautiful" explores the meanings behind womanhood, gender roles, family and jobs.