Jingle Barks: It's Dogs Barking 'Jingle Bells'. Hilariously. (VIDEO)

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But do they still have their jingle balls?
But do they still have their jingle balls?

Yes, we know it's an advert. Yes, we know it's trying to sell us dog food.

But... we don't own a dog, so we're not likely to buy dog food. And if this YouTube video makes us go out and buy a dog so we can then feed it the dog food it's promoting, well... it's a bloody good advert.

But we're not going to go out and buy one. Because a dog's for life, not just for Christmas - right, kids?

Instead, we're going to watch this video over and over again, and marvel at just how daft and gullible (and well-trained) dogs are compared to cats. Enjoy!

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