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This Yorkie is going to show you the best of Yorkshire.
An adorable little Yorkshire Terrier is taking to the streets in a teeny-tiny Barbour jacket to show the world all the wonders
It's like a doggy version of 'Gogglebox'!
Isn’t this just like watching a canine version of ‘Gogglebox’? These grumpy looking bulldogs have taken to sitting like humans
YouTube Logan Lemmon was woken up one morning by his 19-year-old rat terrier Maggie having a sneezing fit, and he managed
"Maybe I'll go for the pizza first... Oh God, what's that? It smells like feet."
This naughty dog was caught raiding the fridge in the middle of night, pulling out food from top to bottom. Luckily the incident
Any dog owners will know that a pup's mood can change almost instantly, and this video shows the better side of when that