19 Dogs Who Hold Guinness World Records

These are some truly amazing pups.

Today marks World Puppy Day, so we thought we'd mark the occasion by taking a look at some truly impressive dogs who have managed to become Guinness World Record holders for being amazing.

Tallest dog ever
Guinness World Records
This rather overbearing pooch is Zeus, and he's the tallest dog in recorded history. He's a 44 inch (1.1 metre) tall Great Dane - and that's just when he's on all fours.
Smallest living dog (by height)
Guinness World Records
The smallest living dog category is split into two, with little Milly the chihuahua clocking in at just 3.8 inches (9.65cm) fully grown.
Smallest living dog (by length)
Guinness World Records
On the other side of the smallest dog award is 6 inch (15cm) long chihuahua Brady.
Fastest 100m dash on a skateboard by a dog
This rather peculiar record is held by American dog Jumpy, who made the run in just 19.65 seconds in 2013.
Longest tongue on a dog
Guinness World Records
We love it when pooches have really big tongues - it's utterly adorable. And the one who takes the world record for longest tongue is Puggy the Pekingese. Her licker is 4.5 inches (11.43cm) long.
Longest ears on a dog
Guinness World Records
The record for longest ears on a living dog is held by Harbor (pictured above), who has a 12.25 inch (31.1 cm) left ear and a 13.5 in (34.3cm) right ear.

He loses out on the record for longest ears in history, however, which sits with bloodhound Tigger who boasted a few extra inches on Harbor.
Most tennis balls held in the mouth
Guinness World Records
This is one that any dog would love to try - Augie the golden retriever managed to hold 5 regulation size tennis balls in her mouth back in 2003, and no other dog has bettered her since.
Fastest 100m with a can balanced on head
Guinness World Records
Another 100m dash, only this time the winner completed the task while balancing a can of soda pop on her head. Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross Sweet Pea managed the feat in two minutes and 55 seconds.
Fastest 30m on a scooter by a dog
Norman is a prolific scooter riding dog, and he managed to complete a 30m run in 20.77 seconds back in 2013, making him the fastest scootering pooch in the world. And that's not all - Norman has other talents. He also holds the record for fastest 30m on a bicycle by a dog.
Fastest dog on two legs
Jiff the Pomeranian is a super talented pooch who holds TWO Guinness World Records - both for walking on two legs. He managed to achieve the fastest 10m on hind legs (6.56 seconds) and fastest 5m on front paws (7.76 seconds). And he does all while looking very, very dapper!
Oldest Dog
yacobchuk via Getty Images
No, it's not the one in the picture. The oldest dog that has ever lived was an Australian cattle-dog named Bluey, who was over 29 years old. He started work with sheep and cows as a puppy in 1910 and kept on going until 14 November 1939.
Largest collective dog wedding
Guinness World Records
While not technically a record held by a single dog, the largest ever dog wedding was held at at the “Bow Wow Vows event” organised by the Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center in Littleton on 19 May 2007.
Largest dog litter
LWA via Getty Images
The largest litter of puppies ever (not the ones pictured) belonged to Cambridgeshire couple Damian Ward and Anne Kellegher, whose Neopolitan mastiff Tia had a total of 24 pups in one sitting. The doggy daddy Caesar must be very proud of himself!
Most dogs wearing bandanas in one place
Hill Street Studios/Erik Isakson via Getty Images
Yes, this is actually a Guinness World Record. It was set by the Australian RSPCA ACT charity, who raised AU $31,000 by getting 764 dogs to wear bandanas. As you do.
Highest jump by a dog
Guinness World Records
The highest jump ever achieved by a dog was a whopping 68 inches (172.7 cm).
Loudest bark
Charlie the golden retriever's bark is definitely bigger than his bite - he let out the loudest yelp ever recorded at a massive 113.1 decibels. That's about as loud as a jackhammer.
Longest tail on a dog
Irish wolfhound Finnegan is the proud owner of the longest canine tail in the world at 28.46 inch (72.29cm).
Largest eyes on a dog
Guinness World Records
Bruschi the Boston Terrier holds the Guinness World Record for the largest eyes ever recorded on a dog. A vet measured them at 28mm, which is quite big.

Guinness World Record holders can change at any time - these listings may not be up to date at all times.

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