If there's one thing we've learnt so far this year, it's that you guys love a good cute animal video.

Be it dogs putting their heads out of car windows, baby wild boars trotting through the forest or camels trying to give tourists a hug, there will always be time for a cute animal video here on Huffington Post UK.

Especially if it involves bears. Then it's a guarantee.

But as it's Christmas time, we thought it might be a nice idea to put together a video gallery of cute animals doing their cute animal thing... but with a yuletide twist.

For each and every cute animal video we've got for you below has a festive edge, be it a guide to putting your cat in wrapping paper or a group of dogs barking Christmas carols - if it's got animals in it, and it's Christmassy, it's in there.

So to have your cockles instantly warmed without any need for a fire, click this way...

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  • Teddy The Talking Porcupine Wishes You A Merry Christmas!

  • Oskar The Blind Kitten And The Christmas Tree

  • How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

  • Cat Knocks Down Domino Christmas Tree

  • Animals Of YouTube Sing 'Jingle Bells'

  • Animals Of YouTube Sing 'Deck the Halls'

  • Two Dogs In The Snow

  • Jingle Barks: Dogs Barking Jingle Bells

  • Meet Siku, The Super-Cute Orphan Polar Bear

  • Absurdly Cute Korean Christmas Dogs

  • Simon's Cat In 'Santa Claws'

    Not an actual cat, sure, but so damn cute that it really doesn't much matter...

  • Simon's Cat In 'Snow Business'

    A curious cat discovers snow for the first time...

  • Bailey The Unknown Reindeer

    This dog-in-the-snow video is only viewable on YouTube itself, but we it's so wonderful we coudn't not include. Simple as that, really.

  • Cat Hugs Baby Kitten

    Nothing to do with Christmas, we know. BUT IT'S SO CUTE.