T-Mobile Ditches Internet Caps For 'All You Can Eat'

31/01/2012 09:36 | Updated 31 March 2012

T-Mobile has given in to the demands of smart phone users and ditched their "fair usage" internet policy in favour of a flat "all you can eat" data tariff.

The confusing caps have been removed in favour of unlimited texts, calls and internet downloads - great news for those who've accidentally gone over their quota and paid the price.

The move affects the popular £36 and £41 a month plans, taken up by a huge number of UK smart phone users.

The new policy will come into affect on Wednesday, 1 February 2012.

T-Mobile spokesperson Ben Fritsch said in a statement: “There are absolutely no limits placed on allowances”.

All new Three mobile customers are eligible for all you can eat data, while existing customers can upgrade current 3 contracts to all you can eat internet for £3 a month.

Fair usage policies came under attack when the definition of "fair" was called into question by a number of consumers. Naturally, they have taken to Twitter to complain about exceeding their "fair usage" allowance as recently as yesterday.

T-Mobile's move could be a boon for mobile internet users, sparking an all you can eat data war between mobile providers.

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