Falkland Islands 'Will Be Defended Properly', David Cameron Says

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David Cameron has stressed Britain will "defend the Falkland Islands properly" in response to Argentina complaining to the UN about Britain "militarising" the contested islands.

"I think Argentina will find, when she goes to the United Nations, that it is absolutely a part of the UN charter to support self-determination and the people of the Falkland Islands want to maintain their status, their connection to the UK," he told journalists during a visit to Sweden on Thursday.

"What we've said is absolutely clear and right under the UN, which is to say that as long as the people of the Falkland Islands want to maintain that status, we will make sure they do and we will defend the Falkland Islands properly to make sure that's the case."

On Tuesday Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said she would make a formal complaint to the UN about Britain sending a navy warship to the islands.

Prince William is currently being deployed in the Falklands.

On Tuesday Argentina's President Kirchner said: "I have instructed our chancellor to present formally to the Security Council of the United Nations and before the General Assembly of the United Nations this militarisation of the South Atlantic which implies a great risk for international security."

HMS Dauntless was sent to the Falklands at the end of January. Tensions are running high between Britain and Argentina as the 30th anniversary of the Falklands war approaches.

Last month Argentina's foreign minister described Britain as being in "imperial decline" after David Cameron accused the country of "colonialism" over the Falkland Islands.

Hector Timerman accused the prime minister of rewriting history, according to Argentina's Telam news agency.

"Obviously at a time when there are only remnants of colonialism, Great Britain, in an imperial decline, decides to rewrite history," he was quoted as saying.

“Not even the English newspapers support Cameron”.

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