Falkland Islands

Emily Thornberry today accused the Tory Defence Secretary of talking “bollocks” after he claimed she wanted to renegotiate
The philosopher George Simmel once wrote in praise of the 'stranger', describing how the stranger is both 'near' and 'far away' at the same time. My relationship to those Malvinas veterans could not be better described.
Gibraltar wants to remain in the European Union even if the United Kingdom voted to leave. Gibraltar can please itself. Nowhere
A senior member of the Falkland Island's government has rubbished claims Jeremy Corbyn poses a bigger threat to the the overseas
The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party was as unsurprising as it is likely to be destructive to the party for at least the next five years. Yet the dire prospects for the future of the Party stem from a far deeper rot than simply the policies of Mr. Corbyn himself; the conduct of his supporters betrays a disturbing intolerance that will only further split and discredit the Party.
Private papers belonging to Margaret Thatcher were donated to the nation on Thursday in lieu of £1 million in inheritance
The yomp will follow the original route of the Royal Marines 45 Commando group, taking in many of the battlefield scenes. Carrying all their supplies with them, the businessmen, more used to boardrooms than bogs, will spend four nights camping out to complete their challenge.
Already under-fire Top Gear could be about to face its most fearsome adversary yet over the Falklands row - a group of very
Jeremy Clarkson has denied the controversial number plate was deliberately selected Clarkson, meanwhile, has claimed Argentinian