RIP Gregg Jevin: Imaginary Death Of Imaginary Comic Trends On Twitter

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The Huffington Post UK

Gregg Jevin: a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, inside someone's imagination.

Gregg Jevin: the (imaginary) man, the (imaginary) legend, the (very real) Twitter phenomenon.

Yes, indeed. Can any of us say for sure who - or indeed, what - Gregg Jevin was?

Well, actually, we can. Gregg Jevin is a figment of Michael Legge's imagination.

For those of you who don't know, Michael Legge is a very funny comedian and a consummate tweeter. But he surpassed himself this morning when he posted this tweet:

Like a comedy rag to a comedy bull, Twitter picked up Legge's gauntlet and ran with it faster than you could say "Sorry, but who's Gregg Jevin?". The imaginary tributes started flooding in, and #RIPGreggJevin and Gregg Jevin were trending - at one point, both at the same time.

They're still coming - along with the T-shirts - and below is a selection of just some of the funniest so far. Gregg Jevin: you were an imaginary man among men. We salute you. And Michael Legge. Thank you both for brightening our Friday.


RIP Gregg Jevin
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