Teachers And Lecturers Most Likely To Work Overtime Unpaid, Claims TUC

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Teachers and lecturers are the professionals most likely to clock up unpaid overtime, according to figures released by a trade union.

The report, published by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), revealed more than half of teaching professionals work unpaid each week and put in an extra 9.6 hours on average. The figures mark the TUC's "work your proper hours day" which attempts to highlight the amount of overtime UK employees carry out.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: “Friday’s figures confirm that our teachers and lecturers continue to go above and beyond the call of duty for their pupils and students. The government cannot keep expecting more for less from such dedicated people, particularly when their reward is real-terms pay cuts and attacks on their pensions.”

The revelation follows a bid by Michael Gove to extend teaching hours, which was greeted with anger by many teachers, with one asking "has he ever met a teacher?".

But it isn't just teachers who are working for nothing.

Top occupations for unpaid overtime:

OccupationNumber working unpaid overtimeProportion working unpaid overtime (%)Average weekly hours of unpaid overtime
Teaching and educational professionals723,99755.69.6
Financial institution managers and directors49,63252.710.2
Health and social services managers and directors51,86050.56.9
Media professionals49,250506.9
Functional managers and directors293,05347.28.5

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