It has become apparent that the value of students and staff is merely pound signs
'They should find ways of making it up for students on non-strike days'.
Research published this week supports the argument for a move to a system which relies on actual achievement rather than predicted achievement. Doing so would support staff and students to make better and more appropriate decisions. It would be fairer and more transparent.
Teens from low-income families are most likely to be underestimated by schools.
Five out of six university applicants are given incorrect A Level results predictions, with almost a quarter of teens from
Thousands of students are expected to hit London's streets.
Thousands of students and university staff are expected to take to the streets of London on Saturday for the NUS and UCU
University of Bath staff and students have labelled £400,000 Vice Chancellor Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell as “greedy” after
The lecturers' pay strike is not so much a disruption to teaching as an attempt to organise against the disruption to education created by rampant privatization... As the general strike of 4 July looms ahead of us, the lecturers' struggle is a stark reminder of why we must unite. When the bosses have sealed the doors and burned the ladders, industrial action is the only recourse.