A major challenge for corporates is how to adapt management styles to the new type of employee.
It's win-win. By empowering employees to become leaders, businesses are helping to challenge and dismantle the status quo.
It's time to take a closer look at the condition that affects one out of every 100 South Africans, and explore the issues around disclosure.
Boundaries are a key part of any healthy relationship, and that’s especially true in the workplace.
"A dog swallowed the employee’s car keys, so she was waiting for them to come out."
In recent years, drastic changes have occurred in the workplace. Previously the aim of the employer was to restrain staff
At a point where the Care sector is desperate for innovative solutions to challenges of low pay, an approach which makes employees owners in their business, and which drives their engagement, is one which more providers should examine closely.
Problem solving, innovative thinking, good timekeeping and teamwork - these are qualities commonly found in a typical job description. Most of us are able to demonstrate such attributes through examples of past work experience but for many people with a disability, these are all skills that they apply seamlessly to their day to day life.
It was always likely to happen and now it has - the much awaited publication of The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices