Brett Easton Ellis Ponders American Pyscho Sequel On Twitter

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Brett Easton Ellis tantalised his Twitter followers by outlining plans for a possible sequel to American Psycho.

The author pondered what anti-hero Patrick Bateman would get up to in the digital age, suggesting he would "love Kim Kardashian" and "post pics of murdered girls on Facebook."

Bret Easton Ellis
Well, if this American Psycho sequel pans out I'd get in touch with my agent first but will have to spend the weekend seeing if it works...

The author's book, published in 1991, was made into a film starring Christian Bale in 2000 and caused controversy over its graphic content and description of its antagonist's murderous sprees.

Bret Easton Ellis
Patrick would talk about Adele and Kanye and KATY PERRY because "Firework" is his favorite song... and then he kills Katy Perry's trainer...

Bret Easton Ellis
Patrick's iPad would start speaking to him... Telling him Adele's cover of The Cure drove him to killing, well, just about everybody...

But while Easton Ellis appealed for ideas on twitter, his 259,591 followers shouldn't get too excited, with it being unclear if the idea is going ahead. The last thing he tweeted on the matter was.. "Going to bed. Can't believe this happened. Am I really going to start doing this? PB says yes..."

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