Every Single 'Itchy & Scratchy Show' Appearance Edited Together For Massive 'Simpsons' Supercut (VIDEO)

19/03/2012 13:53 | Updated 19 March 2012

The Itchy & Scratchy Show is a marvellous, wonderful beast. For starters, it's a show within a show, which always has to be admired, and for main, it's a hilarious send-up of the Tom And Jerry, violent TV and the Walt Disney machine itself.

Name one other show within a show that manages to do all that, eh? Well, quite.

Anyway, we bring up these particular bloodthirsty cartoon animals because YouTuber MrBestDeni has compiled every single last one of their skits on screen, from their debut in The Bart Simpson Show to their appearances in Season 378 million of The Simpsons - or whatever it is they've got up to now.

Finnish editor MrBestDeni now promises to compile all of Gil Gunderson and Troy McClure's moments on screen, which is something we genuinely can't wait to see. Get to it, MrBestDeni - we need you!


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