Facebook Death: Taiwanese Woman Claire Lin Kills Herself While Talking To Online Friends

28/03/2012 14:00

A woman committed suicide whilst chatting to Facebook friends, giving them a running commentary on her death, Tawainese police have reported.

Claire Lin, 31, posted pictures of her room and told friends: "Don’t write me anymore.”

Some of her friends tried to stop her by typing back, none of them phoned the police.

Lin was later found by her boyfriend, who alerted her family. Taipei police officer Hsieh Ku-Ming said that her family had been unaware of her final cry for help on Facebook.

Chai Ben-rei, a sociologist at Taiwan’s Feng Chia University told Associated Press that her Facebook friends may have not contacted authorities because people "have doubts of what they see on the Internet."

Lin had expressed despair online about her boyfriend ignoring her. Her last words were "Too late. Even while I’m dying, I still want FB (Facebook). Must be FB poison. Haha.”

Facebook urged users of its site to contact authorities in an emergency situation.

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