Social Addiction: Who's Hooked On Draw Something?

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Social Addiction: Who's Hooked On Draw Something? | OMGPOP

In the era of 140-character-long attention spans, Pinterest has held us in thrall for an eon. Words With Friends is just a distant memory.

Now there's a new addiction on the scene - Draw Something - the new virtual Pictionary-style game that gives you one more reason to stare endlessly at your smartphone.

If you're yet to get onto this social and artistic crack, Draw Something is an interactive social drawing game that challenges you and your friends to take turns drawing pictures and guessing what they represent.

It has grown men giggling in staff kitchens, execs ignoring spreadsheets on the morning commute and the most artless of friends coming out as secret, prolific Warhols.

We spoke to Dan Porter, CEO of OMGPOP who in one of those why-didn't-I-think-of-that moments recently sold the game to social game company Zynga for $180 million.

Is it a bit of a shock that the game has taken off so quickly? Everyone seems to be addicted.

It’s a shock beyond our wildest dreams.

Can we expect any changes or add ons to Draw Something?

Yes. Early on, we outlined and designed a ton of great features for Draw Something that people are really going to enjoy, such as chat, sharing and saving images, and more.

We're refining the gameplay and will launch new features once we’re comfortable that each is as fun and positive an experience as possible.


What is it about Draw Something that you think has really captured everyone's imagination?

Draw Something is a platform for letting people do what’s in their nature: communicating and sharing. Even being terrible at Draw Something can be a joyful experience.

Draw Something is also designed to be played among friends. That's why we enable Facebook connection and allow people to create user names and play with their friends.

Has anything you've done before had quite the impact that Draw Something has?

We have had success with games previously but never ever at this scale.

What can we hope to see from OMGPOP next, now that it is part of Zynga?

This is just the beginning for Draw Something. As with all of our games, Draw Something is a live service that is constantly updated with new features and content. I can’t go into specific plans, but I can say that we can’t wait to surprise and delight our players with what is coming next.

Draw Something, free from the App store and Android marketplace.

See some truly diverse impressions of Madonna from Draw Something. Would you have guessed right?

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