A Newly Decorated Bedroom Is Just as Pleasurable As Sex, Study Claims

The Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: 4/04/2012 10:42 Updated: 4/04/2012 10:42

Decorated Room Sex

Fancy a passionate smooch under the covers tonight?

Not unless the bedroom has been decorated, claims a recent study, as it discovered that women find a re-decorated room just as pleasurable than sex.

According to a neurological study by Dulux and the Mindlab International Laboratory at Sussex University, a revamped bedroom gives women the same emotional buzz as a lingering kiss or passionate encounter under the sheets.

Researchers measured the immediate emotive responses from a range of mood enhancing experiences including driving a fast car, kissing and making love.

After gauging the physiological arousal responses from the 19 participants (12 were female), a newly decorated bedroom stirred the same emotional reaction as an intimate encounter with their partner and gave the volunteers a bigger boost than being with friends, shopping, riding a roller coaster and watching their football team win.

In women in particular, even chocolate didn’t stir up the same excitement as a beautifully decorated boudoir.

So what makes a decorated bedroom so sexy?

Psychologist Dr. David Lewis who conducted the research, explains: “Behaviour is largely driven by subconscious emotions which, for the most part, we are unaware of.

This means that simply asking people what makes them happy is insufficient if we want to develop a greater understanding of what factors encourage a positive emotional state.

“It may surprise some people to realise that a newly re-decorated room can have such an impact on emotions, however our environment plays a big role in the mood. Think of how you feel on a warm sunny day in comparison to a grey winter morning. Our homes are the same – a beautifully decorated room can significantly enhance your mood.”

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