Sex Service For Stressed Students 'Offered By UEA Males' Paper Claims

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The Drop
The Drop

Male university students are allegedly offering their stressed female counterparts a "sex service" to help them with their exam anxieties, claiming their service offers the chance to boost exam grades.

According to posters spotted by University of East Anglia's independently-funded student tabloid The Drop, young men are volunteering to help "colleagues" before they "stress out and pens get down".

"Do you have too much stress about the exams?" the fliers, posted around the campus, ask.

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"Do you need relaxation?

"Scientific research proves that sex before the exam offers both physical exercise and good grades as it relieves stress!!"

But the boys are not the first to come up with the free-love plan.

In April, it emerged three German students were offering a gigolo service to female students to help beat stress.

The threesome offered their services for free, claiming they are champions of female emancipation.

The alleged UEA samaritans are not afraid of a hard sell either, describing themselves as "strong and handsome males".

And, for those concerned about their reputation, the boys offer "confidential services".

"Because what happens during exam period stays in the pas(s)t!!!" How witty.

Anyone interested is urged to contact the aptly-named "school of cock" via email.

It is not clear whether the services are available to both men and women.

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