Travel and mental health experts examine the common tendency to delay and ways to stop stalling post-holiday.
The to-do list is the backbone of our day, a stick to beat our cellulite with and barometer of busyness, importance and procrastination.
Every mountain appears difficult to climb when you're standing at the base. However, if you start with one or two small steps and break the journey into small chunks it becomes more and more manageable. Eventually, what at one point seemed out of reach begins to feel doable.
A photo of a seemingly ordinary kitchen has left the internet baffled - thanks to a figure hidden within it. The photo, reportedly
'I make a list every morning of things I want to accomplish that day.'
In a world dominated by social media, emails and incessant phone notifications, it can be difficult to concentrate on the
Have you screwed yourself lately? I know I have. And no, I'm not talking about in the fun and physical sense. I've often wondered why we put up roadblocks to our own success? I know for sure where I want to go, who I want to be and what the best version of myself looks like.
Stuck is a word that often gets talked about by people who approach coaches and therapists like me. It's a big problem and heck, I often feel stuck in aspects of my life too - it's a chronic human condition. Luckily there's much that can be done. If you're feeling it, or have ever felt it, read on!
Completing this one important thing in the morning gave me an incredible energy boost to do other things, and a deep satisfaction by myself even before lunch. On the other hand, if I tried tackling small things like sorting out emails first "for the peace of mind", I ended up frustrated and not really having enough concentration to do the big thing afterwards.