12/09/2016 12:03 BST

Colourful Dot Test Tells You Whether You're 'Smarter Than Others'

Well, are you? 🤓

If you’ve already given up on work for the day and the internet is screaming at you to procrastinate, listen up.

A new Playbuzz dot test claiming to tell you if you are “smarter than others” is doing the rounds.

And while it might not actually say an awful lot about your intelligence (because, let’s face it, a lot of us can pass this test with flying colours), it is a great and highly addictive way to spend five minutes of your day. 

To complete the test, you simply have to flag up which coloured dot is bang in the middle of the image, and then select the colour of that dot below. 

The test gets gradually harder and harder, with more dots each time.

If you manage to pass the test, it apparently indicates that “you have an incredible ability to understand what you see” in order to “analyse and calculate it immediately”.

We’ll take that kind of compliment any day of the week. Now, where did we see that skateboarding cat video?

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