As summer turns to autumn the lovely green trees turn red and brown...but unfortunately at some point in this season our lovely children go from a sun-kissed glow to pale and green. It's bug time people! I'm not talking the crusty noses and coughs. I'm talking stomach bugs. Horrible, icky, stomach bugs.
If you’ve already given up on work for the day and the internet is screaming at you to procrastinate, listen up. A new Playbuzz
This week, a Facebook video came onto the scene revealing how to get "unlimited chocolate". Pretty magical, huh? The video
The Internet appears to be getting itself into a twist over another puzzle containing hidden images.  Following a kids' camping
While that's bad news enough, Hannigan also pointed out that there's an added element of difficulty which is that typically
Some might find the Rubik's cube a serious mental test, but others think it's a little easier to solve. A 14-year-old boy
Here's a puzzle from the Rupert Murdoch-owned Sunday Telegraph in Australia. Look at the highlighted bit. LIVESIHCODRUM. Read
Winning a pay rise could be helped by playing puzzles, crosswords and brain teasers, according to research published on Monday