University Of Texas Red-faced Over 'Pubic Affairs' Typo

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An apology has been issued after a university published a commencement listing for forthcoming graduates of the Lyndon B Johnson School Of Pubic Affairs.

The University of Texas programme went to print without a murmur and was distributed this weekend, presumably to much mirth.

Susan Binford, the school’s Assistant Dean for Communications, told media critic Jim Romanesko: “Obviously, we are mortified. It’s beyond embarrassing.”

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An apology was hastily made via Twitter – unfortunately misspelling “egregious” – although this was hurriedly corrected.

Binford added: “Graduates have already received apology letters from the dean.”

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The LBJ School
Our deepest apologies to our 2012 graduates for the egregious typo in our commencement program. We are working to distribute new programs.

The LBJ School
This year's commencement program cover contained an unfortunate typographical error, which has since been corrected and is being distributed


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