Sad news, everyone: Russian footballer Vadim Evseev is retiring from the game at the grand ol' age of 36. The good news is, he had one hell of a final match for Belarussian club Torpedo Zhodino thanks to a five-year-old boy by the name of Hrisan Dzheus.

Master Dzheus, as it happens, is the son of a director for a Russian children's charity, which might explain why he replaced the three-time Russian Cup championship winner in the second half - before heading for the opposition's goal like a boy possessed.

In other words, the clip we've got for you above is not only adorable, but sport-filled as well, which means that everyone can enjoy it - even manly men who don't find the likes of, say, Simon's Cat, acceptable "Nawww..." material.

For something equally football-focussed, but perhaps not so cute, here are some of our favourite dives in the history of our national sport. And yes, we use the word 'favourite' with a healthy dose of irony. Enjoy!

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    Knut Anders Fostervold

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    Lee Young-Pyo dives, Sean Davis mocks his dive with a fake dive.

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    Kaj Ennigar

  • Terrible Dive #5

    Kyle Lafferty

  • Terrible Dive #6

    Peter Wisgerhoff

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