New 'Simon's Cat' Episode, 'Tongue Tied', Arrives Online (VIDEO)

WATCH: A New 'Simon's Cat' Video Is Here - And It's Got A Frog In It

In a world where your average internet hit involves incredible football tricks, elaborate Downton Abbey spoofs and science fiction-themed music videos, it's refreshing to see a YouTube series like Simon's Cat do so well.

Producing adorable pieces that regularly clock up four million hits plus, English animator Simon Tofield's ongoing story of his feline friend is simple, sweet and eminently wonderful.

His latest, called 'Tongue Tied', involves a frog, Simon's cat and an old plant pot. And guess what? It's really rather lovely.

For more of Mr. Tofield's work, check out our video gallery of our favourite Simon's Cat clips below. Warning: you may be some time.


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