Terence Stamp Stars In Peter Serafinowicz's 'Night & Day' Music Video For Hot Chip

WATCH: Terence Stamp Stars In Bonkers Peter Serafinowicz Hot Chip Music Video

So imagine you're an 'electronic indie band' - Wikipedia's words, not ours - called Hot Chip, and you want to make a sci-fi themed music video for your latest single, Night & Day.

Now who do you get to star in it? And who do you get to direct it? If you chose Terence Stamp - aka General Zod from Superman I and II - and Peter Serafinowicz - aka him off Look Around You, previous Hot Chip music video I Feel Better and, um, The Peter Serafinowicz Show - then you're a lot like the real Hot Chip.

In fact, you may well be the real Hot Chip, and in which case, thanks for dropping by, we're loving your work. Loving your work in a 'What on earth was that?' kind of a way, that is. Also, look out for supermodel Lara Stone and fellow musician Reggie Watts in the mix - they'd be hard to miss, mind.

So for some truly 'out there' music videoery, click play above, and when you're done with that, check out our video gallery celebrating the best bits of the comedian/director/impressionist/raconteur that is Mr. Peter Serafinowicz - you won't be disappointed.


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