"We are satisfied the proceeds of the sale will not benefit Roman Abramovich or other sanctioned individuals," Nadine Dorries said.
“I turn around and Rúben Dias’ dad runs straight into me, headbutts me… I’ve got stitches in my top lip, I’ve got two black eyes.”
The 17-year-old has become the UK's only current openly gay male professional player, and the first British footballer to come out since Justin Fashanu.
It's Rainbow Laces day, but even after Josh Cavallo, coming out in men's football is never simple.
The 21-year-old Adelaide United player came out as gay in an emotional social media post.
England's 4-0 victory against Hungary was overshadowed by the "unacceptable" abuse.
The Euros only highlighted how deep-rooted this problem is, particularly within the sport.
The true stars of the Euro 2020 tournament (Grealish's curtains) were back on the pitch this weekend.
Fans are in mourning after the England player switched up his look amid his record-breaking transfer from Aston Villa to Man City.
The government isn't doing "nearly enough" to crack down on employers, say campaigners.