How Rishi Sunak Scored A Massive Own Goal With Embarrassing X Post About Football

Yet another community note blunder for the Tories.
Rishi Sunak blows a whistle during a football coaching event in Downing Street.
Rishi Sunak blows a whistle during a football coaching event in Downing Street.
RICHARD POHLE via Getty Images

The Conservative Party’s official account on X was hit with yet another embarrassing community note on Tuesday.

On the platform formerly known as Twitter, the Tories attempted to promote their new rules around football – but ended up scoring an own goal.

Alongside a comic book-style graphic of PM Rishi Sunak holding a football, the Conservatives posted, “Rishi 1-0 European Super League”.

Above the PM, a caption said, “top bins!”, while above the European Super League, it said “in the bin”.

This was an apparent reference to the government’s attempt to stop clubs from breaking away to join the European Super League.

For those not so well-versed in football, “top bins” means a goal scored by kicking the ball into either of the top corners of the net.

“In the bin”, of course, is a way of saying something should be thrown away.

But, the post received quite the embarrassing correction on the social media platform.

It pointed out that six English Premier League teams pulled out of the European Super League proposal in April 2021 – and clubs across Europe followed suit after a European court ruled the breakaway league would breach EU law.

So, as the community notes pointed out: “The Conservative Party and Rishi Sunak had no involvement in any of this.”

It’s not the first a Conservative account has been fact-checked.

Current backbencher (and former PM) Liz Truss was publicly corrected by X users when she tried to claim slashing net UK migration would leave Brits more than £1,100 better off in the long-term – even though she tried to liberalise migration in 2022.

The official party’s account was also mocked last summer when it tried to describe Labour as the party of chaos.


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