Typewriter Artist Keira Rathbone Honours The Queen With New Artwork

06/06/2012 12:17 | Updated 06 August 2012

My word, we've seen a lot of the Queen over the past four days.

But as the bunting comes down and the people of Britain reluctantly shuffle off back to work, we thought there was just about time to squeeze in our favourite, Jubilee-inspired image of her Maj.

Typewriter artist Keira Rathbone - whose work we have previously admired - has applied her unique approach to art to create this fine portrait.

typewriter queen
Keira's Rathbone's HRH

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Depicting the familiar regal pose of a young Queen Elizabeth II, we love the way the typewriter markings lend the image a sense of fragility - particularly the crown - that reminds us how, even after all this time, our understanding of our monarch's true character remains shaky at best.

You can learn more about Keira Rathbone at her official website and see more of her work below.

Typewriter Art
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