The monarch refused to bend lockdown just for Prince Philip's funeral last year.
It is the 95-year-old monarch’s first festive period without her beloved late husband, who died aged 99 in April.
Buckingham Palace said the monarch was seen by specialists in London on Wednesday.
The monarch was overheard sharing her opinions on world leaders in an uncharacteristic manner recently.
The Palace confirmed that the Queen had passed on her 'good wishes' to the repressive regime.
The Queen's representative has confirmed she supports the BLM movement.
Sir Ken Olisa, the first Black Lord-Lieutenant for London, said race is a "hot conversation topic" in the royal household.
"That was the Queen with her life-saving badge on her swimsuit, but I didn’t have time to tell you."
One can only speculate about the Queen's favourite, but these are the options.
The Queen guitarist says he's been through a "series of medical incidents" in 2020.
Three women share the stories behind their gowns pre-loved by their mothers and grandmothers.
The televised broadcast capped a day of bank holiday sunshine and virtual celebrations.
The Queen stressed the value of self-discipline and resolve during the coronavirus pandemic in a special address to Britain. In a rare speech, she acknowledged the grief, pain and financial difficulties Britons are facing during this "time of disruption". She thanked NHS staff and key workers, and emphasised the important role individuals can play.
Monarch's audience with the prime minister came as Prince Charles was diagnosed with Covid-19.
The monarch usually greets recipients bare-handed.
A Buckingham Palace source said the senior royals have asked aides to work “at pace” with governments and The Sussex Household.
After something a little more Christmassy? Here are four royally good cocktails to drink like a Queen.
Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to prorogue Parliament. But what does that actually mean? And why is it so controversial?
UK a step closer to no-deal Brexit as "Remain alliance" faces race against time.
“Time Waits For No One” is a previously unreleased performance from former Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury. Recorded in 1986, the track is a collaboration with songwriter and producer Dave Clark, taken from the soundtrack of his musical, “Time”.