Joe Biden Will Not Have To Get A Bus To The Queen's Funeral, Says No.10

World leaders are due to descend on London next week to attend the service at Westminster Abbey.
via Associated Press

Joe Biden will not have to travel to the Queen’s funeral in London on a bus with other world leaders unless he wants to, Downing Street has said.

Under guidance issued by the British government - seen by Politico - foreign leaders will be asked to travel to the UK on commercial flights.

They will also banned from using helicopters to move around the country as they arrive for the service on Monday September 19 at Westminster Abbey.

According to the report, leaders will also be told not to use their own cars and instead travel to the funeral together on buses from a site in West London.

But Liz Truss’ official spokesperson said on Monday the request was “guidance” not a rule.

“The arrangements for leaders and how they travel will vary depending on individual circumstances,” the prime minister’s spokesperson said.

“Arrangements for different leaders will vary depending on things like security risks.”

Asked if the British government expected Biden to get on a bus, the spokesperson said: “That would be a question for the US in how they prefer the president to travel and I think that’s fairly well documented.”

Biden usually travels in enormous motorcades made up of multiple vehicles including the president’s armoured car known as The Beast.

Pressed on whether the US President could travel around London how he liked, No.10 said: “Yes.”

Downing Street has also invited members of the public to hold a minute’s silence on Sunday evening to mark the Queen’s death.


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