A tip of the hat to BuzzFeed, who have - via Reddit - rather brilliantly rounded up 25 of the funniest, and shortest, videos ever to have hit the internets. And by 'internets' we do, of course, mean 'YouTube'.

From kids pulling tablecloths to a deer stealing a man's wife, they're all there for you below, in one clickable slideshow.

We've replaced BuzzFeed's final choice with one of our own, however. It's our latest favourite discovery, 'Watch This If You Are Depressed' - which we guarantee will put a smile on your face. Just in case the preceding 24 haven't...

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  • Lizard jumps on news guy

  • Old man tries to drink breathalyzer

  • Bill Gates jumping over a chair

  • Gay Mount Everest

  • Afraid of technology

  • Kid does amazing trick with tablecloth

  • Bell ringer fail

  • Daughter choses the darkside

  • Goldblum noises

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha

  • Monkey!

  • Deer steals a mans wife

  • I can't believe you've done this

  • Go! Bwaaaah!

  • A day well spent

  • Billie Jean Fail

  • Henry The Hoover's cocaine overdose

  • Late for work

  • Yo put that bag back on

  • Guy steals a chicken

  • Jacob, keep your shirt on!

  • Call me maybe, PSYCH!

  • Bar-B-Que-Er

  • Have you ever had a dream like this?

  • Watch this if you are depressed