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The "Royal Family" documentary, mothballed nearly 50 years ago because it displeased the queen, briefly resurfaced last week.
The president's address was released to YouTube after many news channels refused to air it live.
Social media platforms temporarily blocked Donald Trump’s account after he posted a video addressing protesters who stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election results. Twitter has locked the president’s account for 12 hours after removing three tweets and accusing him of excusing violence. Issuing its first ever ban on the president, the social media giant added he will face a “permanent suspension” from the platform if the offending tweets are not deleted.
The record was previously held by the music video for Luis Fonsi's Despacito.
In this debut episode of Chronic, Lucy Pasha-Robinson is joined by sex educator and YouTube star Hannah Witton, who lives with ulcerative colitis. We dive head first into that enduring question that drives so many of us living with chronic illness round the bend – why are people so keen to offer up unsolicited advice on how to get better?
We got lost in the depths of YouTube. Here are our favourite coming out stories, offering support, happiness and hope.
This week in entertainment, rumours swirl for Strictly Come Dancing’s socially-distanced return in October. We look back a decade to perhaps the best series of The X Factor in 2010, Katie Price is not disappointing on her YouTube channel, The Muppets return on Disney+ and we take a look inside the Bruderhof.
Comedian Nigel Ng, who blasted Hersha Patel's cooking in a viral skit that took the internet by storm in July, has committed to a truce.
The search was conducted by what was described as “a small militia in armoured trucks”.
Nicole's mother confirmed the news in a statement on the vlogger's Instagram account.
This dad creates how-to videos on YouTube, teaching everything from how to jumpstart a car to ironing a shirt. Lockdown was the perfect catalyst for Robert to launch his channel showing people basic skills he thinks everyone should know.
The singer appeared at YouTube’s Dear Class Of 2020 event alongside the Obamas, BTS and Taylor Swift.
This young gardener has been planting flowers, fruit and vegetables with his mother on lockdown. He also started a YouTube channel to teach people some tips for growing their own.
Here are some alternatives if you *shock* get bored of Joe – from maths and English, to music and Spanish.
Plus, some other, research-backed ways to keep calm and carry on.