Michael Gove is not one to adopt the "stiff upper lip" approach and hide his emotions.

Oh no. Luckily for the entertainment of the British public, the education secretary displays every thought via his facial expressions, leaving one to wonder whether his face could actually be made out of Playdough.

Gove has dominated headlines in the past couple of days with his O-levels plans but if you prefer looking at his endearingly animated face to actually listening what he's saying, then you've come to the right place.

From throwing schoolboy strops and sulking in the corner, to falling asleep in class - we mean, the Commons - everything's been caught on camera.



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  • Yeah! I can read!

  • Look what I won!

  • Dear God, please can I have a King James Bible for my birthday. Amen

  • Yeah? And what?

  • I got an F?!!!

  • 'Tim Nice But Dim'

  • No, I want it NOW

  • Oh, er yes, we've decided to launch a drive to recruit young female teachers... Why? Erm..

  • Crap, where did I put that very important document...

  • I swear, it was THIS big

  • Um, oops. Maybe I shouldn't have said that...

  • Shit. That REALLY was not supposed to happen

  • I'm soo bored. When's break time?

  • Er, am I supposed to know what's going on here?

  • If I give them nasty stares, then maybe they'll go away

  • Gosh, that smelt more than I thought it would...

  • There's cookies! Where?!

  • Mmm, this tea is simply delicious. I must come back to this "Number 10" place