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A fifth of the world's population will be heading to the ballot box next year.
Baby naming experts weigh in on the cultural forces that can push a name down the popularity charts.
The UK has dropped from being a 'progressive leader' to having 'widespread hatred'.
She said stepping away as an ambassador was a "hard decision" and she would continue as a supporter of Refuge from the sidelines.
BBC facing a rebellion as top pundits take a stand after presenter "steps down".
The Match Of The Day host said he stood by his condemnation of government plans to stop migrant boats crossing the Channel.
The presenter thanked fans for supporting him amid reports the BBC will have a "frank conversation" with him over his comments on the proposed immigration crackdown.
"When I stepped down we were only a handful of points behind the Labour Party."
The former health secretary also denied sending a 'menacing' text to journalist Isabel Oakeshott, who gave the messages to the Daily Telegraph.
The prime minister wants the unionist party's backing for the Windsor Framework — but will it be forthcoming?