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Girl bye! Now-former Rep. George Santos is out of a job after the admitted liar was booted from Congress following a damning report from an ethics panel. But his troubles are far from over…
Critics were quick to point out Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL)’s hypocrisy after he complained that the U.S. military is at its “weakest.”
The White House was quick to call out a Fox News reporter whose report lacked some important context.
Some Republicans are not happy with the way Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) prevented the government from shuttering.
The Israeli prime minister’s comments come as the Palestinian death toll soars over 11,000.
President Joe Biden unleashed “Dark Brandon” as he mocked one of Trump’s well-known lines against him.
A video clip from 2022 shows the newly-minted speaker explaining how Covenant Eyes software keeps him and his teen son away from graphic content.
Baby naming experts weigh in on the cultural forces that can push a name down the popularity charts.
Tensions were high in a New York City courtroom as former President Donald Trump took the stand in his civil fraud trial.
The UK has dropped from being a 'progressive leader' to having 'widespread hatred'.