uk politics

The Labour deputy leader accused the prime minister of fleeing the UK following by-election defeats.
Opinion polls suggest Labour is on course to reclaim the Red Wall seat, but people are far from convinced by the party leader.
Former PM also urges Boris Johnson to convene a meeting of world leaders to hatch a "programme of action".
Jake Berry defends Boris Johnson from accusations he travelled to Ukraine to avoid northern voters ahead of crucial Wakefield by-election.
“The only job that I am going after right now is Michael Gove’s," the shadow levelling up secretary said.
RMT accuses transport secretary of "inflaming tensions" over walkout set for next week.
'This is a shambles and it is shameful and the home secretary has no one but herself to blame,' Yvette Cooper said.
The Conservative peer also said he had been pushed and shouted at on trains.
Foreign secretary says changes would not "make the EU any worse off" — but the proposals have already sparked fears of retaliation.
"Those people need to suggest an alternative policy that will work," the foreign secretary said after the first flight was given the green light to go ahead.