So THIS Is Why Rishi Sunak’s Suits Look Like That

"I tend not to like lots of baggy stuff at the bottom of my ankle."

There are many more worthy things to criticise our Prime Minister for but have you noticed that Rishi’s suits are, uh... weird? Not exactly what you’d expect from a PM? This has been discussed quite a few times over the course of his tenure.

As The Independent pointed out: “In 2021, when he was photographed sitting on a sofa while Zooming with Gordon Ramsay, his hems rose up so high they practically sat mid-calf, leaving him resembling less a top-level politician, more some sort of Victorian princeling in pantaloons.”

It’s a stark contrast to his predecessor Boris Johnson who looks permanently dishevelled despite definitely being wealthy enough to afford a hairbrush.

Both of them, though, were surely looking to appeal to the broader public when they chose their aesthetics?

What experts say about Rishi Sunak’s sense of style

While some have praised Rishi’s sense of style, with some saying that he is a prime minister that ‘knows how to dress’, not all experts are in agreement on this and the public have had a few digs, too.

One menswear expert, Derek Guy, said on X (formerly Twitter): “Baffling to me how the wealthiest UK prime minister in history could live just steps away from Savile Row, the single greatest concentration of skilled bespoke tailors and end up paying $2k for a [made-to-measure] suit with sleeves and trousers 2-4″ too short.”

Speaking to GQ, menswear designer Oliver Spencer said Rishi’s sense of style is what sets him apart as an individual: “He wears his trousers slightly cropped, which tells you he definitely sees himself as part of the new guard

“I [also] like the fact that you can see a number of bracelets popping out of his shirt sleeve – it shows you that there’s more to him than the political veneer would have you know.”

What the PM has to say about his trousers

When directly asked by The Sun why he wears his trousers “so short”, Sunak said, “I mean, I don’t think they are that short,” insisting that there “definitely isn’t” an alleged two inches of leg showing during the interview.

Further defending his choice of trousers he said, “I tend not to like lots of baggy stuff at the bottom of my ankle. I don’t think they are that short.”

So, there you have it. Others, however, remain unconvinced.