uk politics

The party leader's aides have been accused of "control freakery" over how the next cohort of MPs are chosen.
The Scottish Labour leader told Nicola Sturgeon's supporters that backing his party would “get the Tories out of Downing Street”.
Humza Yousaf, Angus Robertson and Kate Forbes are all likely contenders.
The outgoing leader said the SNP was "awash with talented individuals" who could replace her.
Labour's shadow chancellor said national security "has got to come first" following alarm over spy balloons.
Jonathan Haskel says investment was "stopped in its tracks" after the referendum.
The prime minister said the government would do “whatever it takes” to keep the country safe.
General secretary Mick Lynch said the union's "industrial campaign will continue for as long as it takes".
Jeremy Hunt said there was no extra "headroom" to stop energy bills rising from April.
The prime minister said while Lee Anderson wanted capital punishment brought back, it was "not my view".