uk politics

Kwasi Kwarteng said the foreign secretary had "wide appeal" and was a "politician many people don’t know".
Foreign secretary Liz Truss brands Moscow's actions "appalling" and says "not a word" Vladimir Putin says can be trusted.
Rishi Sunak suggests he will put a cap on the number of refugees accepted by the UK.
Commission says claims are being lodged due to UK's "unwillingness to engage in meaningful discussion".
Lord Hayward says the foreign secretary is seen as 'easier to take down' if she becomes prime minister.
The leadership hopeful admitted the PM had made "several mistakes" but said the "positive side of the balance sheet was extremely positive".
Long-awaited Forde inquiry says the party was unable to operate as an effective opposition due to "deep rooted" divisions.
PM critic failed to support the government in a confidence vote last night.
The party's ruling body will meet on Tuesday to review its selection process following claims left-wingers have been blocked as candidates.
The four-part series will include archive footage and access to friends and enemies of the out going prime minister.