uk politics

The consumer rights champion urged the government to delay the £500 rise in the energy price guarantee from April.
Claire Coutinho said the Tory deputy chairman was a "good thing for the party" and had a "lot of things to offer".
The development comes just hours after the Ukrainian president addressed parliament.
The Ukrainian president thanked the UK for its "grit" and joked that he was "thanking all of you in advance for powerful English planes”.
Labour's shadow minister for domestic violence accused the home secretary of being "missing in action".
Lee Anderson — who recently compared government to the "band on the Titanic" —has been promoted by Rishi Sunak.
Richard Sharp insisted his relationship with the former PM was "broadly professional".
Downing Street insists that its plans to tackle the small boats crisis would be compatible with international obligations.
Sharon Graham says the former leader would win his seat of Islington North if he chose to stand.
Sharon Graham accused the government of a “real abdication of responsibility” over its refusal to budge on pay.