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The Labour leader and his deputy had pledged to resign if they were handed fixed penalty notices.
The deputy Labour leader defended her boss attending the tennis championship amid government chaos in a Good Morning Britain interview.
“What a terrible final speech by a man who turned out to be a truly terrible prime minister.”
The prime minister confirmed he will stay in post until a new leader is elected.
James Cleverly is the new education secretary while Johnson opponent Greg Clark will lead the department for levelling up.
Beverley Knight branded the PM “a s***stain indelibly printed onto the pages of British political history”.
Some are calling for Dominic Raab to take over as a caretaker prime minister until a new leader is elected.
"He has obviously looked across the water at what Trump did last year and decided he wants to have some mini version in the UK," Julian Smith said.
Ex-health secretary says "treading the tightrope between loyalty and integrity" became impossible in a brutal takedown of Boris Johnson's leadership.
The MP was allowed to keep his job as a foreign office minister before going on to become deputy chief whip.