Henri The Existential Cat Returns (VIDEO)

27/06/2012 10:29 | Updated 29 June 2012

Henri the cat goes by many names: Henri Le Chat Noir, Henri The Existential Cat and 'That Cat That Thinks In French For Some Reason'. Whatever you call him, he's a slightly depressing delight. In a way.

His latest video involves his trips to the veterinary physician - trips which, would you believe it, he doesn't enjoy that much.

Such is the tiring life of a French cat, hampered on all sides by fools and imbeciles, appearing in his own series of YouTube videos, it seems...

P.S. Both Henri and his owner, YouTuber Will Braden, are aware that his French isn't actually that good, and his accent even worse. All part of the fun, really. Oh, and you can buy Henri merchandise here, if you fancy it.

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